LifeSource Vitamins is a company that just had to come to fruition, and was started out of frustration due to the misleading and misrepresenting that vitamin and supplement companies do to cause confusion in the marketplace. Why do they do this? Billions of dollars of revenue is why. I have tried every vitamin from Amway to Usana and from SeaSilver to GNC Mega-Man. What I found was that they all cost a bundle and I still continued to get sick taking them. I caught every cold and flu (virus) that swept through Portland, Oregon and Orlando, Florida, both of my resident cities, both with very different health & climate challenges. I thought it to be ridiculous that I was paying $40 to $70 a month and got the exact same results. I got sick with all of them. This told me a few things, they were great at marketing the vitamins, and not so great where the results of the vitamins were concerned, and therefore overpriced. If I felt good all of the time and never got sick, I would gladly have paid $40 to $70 a month if they worked, (ours are not even half of that, by the way). It was at this point of frustration that LifeSource Vitamins was born. I just thought it to be time for a company to compete with these mass distributors of nutritional supplements, and beat them in through optimum nutrition. We don't care about anything except results, in reality, results are all that really matter, not hype or slick marketing. JUST RESULTS!

     Here is the LifeSource story: It was 1992, I had just sold another fairly large business in the Children's Fitness & Entertainment industry. I had the time and the money to invest in the researching why vitamins worked, why they didn't, why the Government isn't involved in regulating the industry, which I believe the Government should be involved to make sure that the supplements that you are putting in your body are truly the supplement that it says it is on the label. Also, I studied what nutrients worked well with one another, which ones did not, which ones are all hype, which ones don't upload to the bloodstream without the accompaniment of another transport nutrient, and which ones don't work in powder form, and so on.

After getting such a wide array of conflicting information, I hired and retained my team of Doctor's, Pharmacist's, Nutritionist's and Scientist's to help me create vitamins and supplements that would actually work at the cellular level of the body. Most vitamins and supplements as everyone knows flow (excrete) through your body with very little uploading, and uploading is the only true way for supplements to be effective. It took us 3 years of formulations, and re-formulations to come up with our first tablet form Multivitamin. Our tablet Multi-vitamin has 71 nutrients in them, where most of other companies so called high-end Multi's have around 35 or so, while our Liquids have 211 Phyto Nutrients in them, the most anywhere at any price, and most companies have around 100 ingredients in them. Our Multi-vitamin's are whole food based, with digestive aids, nutritious herbs, and all of the vitamins and minerals that your body truly needs. All of the uploading problems with most vitamins companies that we researched & studied about so much, are caused by them using a heat pressing method for binding there pills, and not putting in the digestive aids, whole foods and special transport herbs that help the nutrients find their way to the bloodstream or otherwise known as uploading. Heat pressing the vitamin kills most, if not all of the nutritional value of the vitamin. We cold press all of our vitamin supplements when applicable. Cold pressing is how it should be done. If you were in the vitamin business, why would you do anything that would possibly hurt the nutrients or ingredients? Would you, the one reading this page, do that? Money is the only answer, and not truly caring about making people healthy! This is yet another way to get around the label laws. In fact, one of the major multi level companies listed above, who make liquid vitamins and do millions of dollars annually got shut down completely, website and all, due to the vitamin content not being the same as what was on the label. Our Liquid Multi-vitamins have 211 Phyto-Nutrients, and is the most complete Liquid in the world, as is our tablet multivitamin with Nutrients. Now back to our story.

Once we formulated what we feel to be the most complete, well-rounded, scientifically advanced vitamin in the world, we had to test them. We had to test them on people who were in tune with their bodies enough to see immediate impact or lack there of with regards to their endurance, balance, sleeping patterns, flexibility, sense of well being and performance through this new form of optimum nutrition uploading. Our choice was simple, we chose athletes, and not just any athletes, Pro athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, Olympic athletes, World Class Marathoners, Sprinters and Olympic Swimmers. We began testing with these athletes immediately, and what we found was astounding. Without changing their eating, sleeping, or training regimens, their times got faster, they became stronger in the gyms and in their sport almost immediately, and had far less injuries than those athletes that we placed on the placebo (fake vitamins). We tested them for 2 years all around the world to ensure that the fantastic results were not geographically biased. We had the same results in all 17 countries. Results are all that matter! Stronger, Faster & Healthier! No Colds, No Flu's, No Viruses! These results are only attained through your body being totally balanced with optimum nutrition.

Since all of our studies, research and our double blind tests were so absolutely conclusive, we, in 1996, started manufacturing these vitamins for the American population. The rest is history, we now ship to every country in the world, and the results are all the same, fantastic.

Since 1996, we have formulated other amazing products, all of which have the same guarantee. We guarantee results, if you don't get them, then we ship back a full refund, including your shipping cost. This is how very confident we are in our supplements. Here are our other products to try if you currently need this supplement, but only if you really need them, don't take anything unless you truly need it. There is no such thing as a miracle pill, but if you really need a certain supplement, you can trust that ours is pure and potent.

We have proprietary formula's on Prostate Health Formula's, that are lowering PSI levels all over the world for men, Children's Chewables that aren't just sugar pills, Memory Enhancer & Brain Connectors that is helping prevent and treat Alzheimer patients and Autistic children, Arthritis Relief & Joint Rebuilder, with 31 different ingredients in them to help where all other supplements have failed, and our own version of 100% Pure Coral Calcium. There is a difference when done properly with Coral Calcium.

Please venture into our website and see what we currently offer. We are adding new items all of the time, we are currently working on a terrific all natural shampoo & lotions line as well as a skin care line including wrinkle creams, sports protein powders, herbal extracts etc.

We also offer wholesale and multi unit discounts. Also, we have a distributor program where you can make money off of all orders that come to us through your efforts. Call and ask for details.

Lastly, LifeSource Vitamins is a Christ centered company , with every decision being made accordingly. We are most proud of the fact that we are a company who is committed to creating healthy people, no matter what the cost. That being said we want to make a difference in this world. Therefore, we donate ALL of our proceeds to Campus Crusade for Christ, and The Jesus Film Project (Dr. Bill Bright's organizations), and we are so proud to do so.

We feel that everyone in the world needs quality multi-vitamins in their diets, as optimum nutrition cannot be derived any longer through our food sources alone. In fact, the same vegetables that we eat today are not nearly as nutritious as they were even 10 years ago, not to mention the cattle, poultry and fish that are pumped with all kinds of unnatural products, and our seafood is riddled with mercury from the waters of our once great oceans. On the other side of that coin is the rest of the supplements, take only what you need. Your body may need Coq10 or SAM-e, or some other supplement, just make sure that your body really needs it before you take any supplements, and then study what that supplement is exactly supposed to do, and then buy it from a company you trust, either ours or another company who has earned your trust. Make sure that you get the advice of your doctor before taking any & all supplements.

On a personal note, I lost my father in 1992 to the awful and very misunderstood disease called cancer. He was my hero, as most fathers are for their children. My father (Al Brightman) died at an early age, he was 68. My mother Katie, my brothers Ray, Mark and Ed, my sisters Beverly, Mary and Kathi and I were blessed by the good Lord to have him for those 68 years, but I still feel as if he should be with us today. He should have lived much longer than 68, and the reason that I say this is due to the fact that all the studies being done all over the world are demonstrating that proper nutrition can slow down, and in many cases stop cancer and many other debilitating diseases that we face in our later years, dead in their tracks. Finally the medical profession is now starting to understand what scientists, nutritionists and chemists have known for years; that vitamins have unbelievable preventative values for numerous diseases. Doctor's are now touting that everyone should take vitamins. Our Doctor's now know they will still have plenty of clients even if we are healthier and live longer due to our population explosion. That is my goal, to make you healthier and have all of us to live longer. In the Bible, it says that we should all live to more than a hundred years of age. When someone in the country lives past 100 they end up on The Today Show, that is not how it is supposed to be. Most of us should be on "the show" so to speak!

Proper nutrition, as I mentioned above, can help deter cancer, and also increase muscle and joint mobility, combat arthritic conditions of numerous kinds, fight against heart disease and it also has shown to defend against digestive problems. These are just a few of the preventative values that occur when having optimum nutrition. My father, and my Lord God, are the true driving forces behind me creating the most complete, well-rounded, scientifically advanced supplements in the world to help us live a longer and hopefully disease healthier life!

Bruce Brightman - Founder

We are so proud of our RESULTS and affiliations with our athletes, as well as our Christian men, women & children all around the world.


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